A new opening in town by the owners of SLEEPY BEAR!
The story goes on… next to a delightful specialty coffee at SLEEPY BEAR, now you can enjoy delicious food, selected regional wines and artisanal beer at our new location HUNGRY BEAR.
We are open, waiting for you to come by and enjoy our hospitality!

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About Us

Inspiration at every step
Hungry Bear is a magical place where everything you dream of comes to life. The positive atmosphere is the foundation to our success. Only when you are in a place which offers you everything you need and you surrounded by passionate and positive people, you can bring to life beautiful things of great quality.‍

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Our Menu

Our cuisine is best described as cuisine inventive  - brunch & coffee.

Our Toasts

We are waiting for you with a variety of delicious toasts and entrees.
Photo: Apple - Straciatela Toast

Our Main Dishes

Brunch style, but we still serve main dishes.
Photo: Salmon Pave

Our Side Dishes

Photo: Eggplant "HE"

Our Desserts

Photo: Warm Marineted Pear with Cold Smoked Stracciatella

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Our Media Appearances

We have the pleasure to be often visited by media people,
reviewers or influencers. Learn even more about us, in these appearances.



Our Dishes